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Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.


Automotive brands have very specific criteria that must be followed from layout and equipment to finishes and furniture. MRA has the patience to coordinate all aspects of your dealership to ensure a successful project.


Your money is important and deserves a quality home. MRA will design your bank or lending institution so that your money has a proper home to grow.

Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.


Although industrial-type projects typically do not wind up on magazine covers, they are necessary to the clients who need them. MRA will treat your industrial project the same way we will treat a high-end restaurant project.


Medical projects can be demanding in nature due to all of the specific equipment requirements. Sometimes shield is required for imaging facilities. MRA does not leave any stone unturned.


Your office is your home away from home. Sometimes we spend more time at work than we do at home. MRA will make your office as comfortable as it can be.

Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.


Residential projects are the most intimate projects an architect can work on. There are no prototypes to follow, just the owner's imagination for their dream home. MRA can bring your dreams to life.

Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.


There are many types of restaurant projects - franchise, QSR, mom, and pop. MRA can help you out with whatever is your cup of tea.

Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.

Retail / shopping centers

Our bread and butter. MRA was founded on retail/shopping center type projects. we understand the business of developers and we understand the needs of the tenants. MRA is able to work together with both parties to create a space that pleases everyone.

Miller Rosentel Associates, Inc.


You gotta eat! Supermarkets are our expertise. We work closely with supermarket chains such as Price Chopper; Redners; Shop Rite; as well as several independent grocers.


We are experienced in modular construction from small projects to large multi-story buildings.